Tenth Street Baptist Church - Pastoral Message
 - Tenth Street Baptist Church, Camden New Jersey 08104
Pastoral Message:  
 "129 years Praising, Worshipping, and  Serving God in the City of Camden"  

It was just 23 years after the Emancipation Proclamation  signed into law by the 16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln, that a "Prayer Band of devoted Christian in the "Centerville" section of Camden came together and decided to establish a church.  That church supported by the profound statement of Jesus, that stated " The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against, stood the test of time. Now, as we embark and prepare to move into our  130th year as a church in Camden, we do so with great anticipation.  We close out the 129th Year, Thanking God for all that he has done, and looking forward to Celebrating 130 years, as we reflect " Down Through the Years", our Greatness,  and Faithfulness, as a "Branch of Zion",  one that is still "Committed to the Application of God's Word.  

"Join us, in an ACTIVE role, in this year-long Celebration"

Rev. Dr. Tony C. Evans, Sr., Pastor
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