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 - "Down Through The Years...  Doing The Will Of God"
"Action in 2019"   
We are well into the New Year 2011. How have you made the transition? No Change, Minor Change, or Nothing noticeable?   Well, remember the many blessings you have received over the years? Many of which as human beings, we did not deserve. We were blessed with many things to "Be A BLESSING TO OTHERS". Many people think this is a burden versus a blessing.  If you had to care for someone other than yourself during 2018, you were abundantly blessed. This may be in caring for a child, a spouse, a parent, or even a stranger. God has a way of taking care of earthly matters using His children. And His blessings are multiplied in mysterious ways. You may not immediately recognize your gains. It can come in many ways: A Spouse, improved Health, spared Life, improved Finances, Freedom, relief of Burdens. God knows what we Need even before we ask. God will take care of His Children, especially when we are obedient to His Word.   If you were in such a position thank God for choosing you! Give Him the praises. In being obedience to His call, you will be Blessed.     Trust in the Lord, He Trust in us to do His Will.   "Build and Stand on your Faith (Trust) in God and claim Victories in Christ "

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