Tenth Street Baptist Church - Pastoral Message
 - "Down Through The Years...  Doing The Will Of God"

Pastoral Message:  "Who are you listening to?" 

The world would be a better place if we just follow the advise and directions from the one's who truly loves us. 
1. Children listen to your parents.
2. Married couples listen to you spouses.
3. Christians listen and commit to the Application of God's Word. 

It is quite simple. However, too many times we perform and operate under the influence of others. 
1. So call friends
2. Acquaintances
3. Media, T.V. Radio, etc.
4. What we see in the streets5.Sometimes from our own insecurities6. Satan and his evil destroying strategies. 

Have Faith and Trust in the Lord with all your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul. He will direct Your Path.  No walls formed up against us shall prosper. We are more than conquerers. We are children of God!

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